Ask Stacy for May 12-13, 2018

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DEAR STACY: Please help me track down a movie. It was about an advertising executive who had some kind of accident and then could only speak in commercial talk. It starred that actor from "Jurassic Park," David Neal. -- D.S.

DEAR D.S.: OK, a few things here. First, it's Sam Neill who was in "Jurassic Park." Second, he has never made a movie of this description. However, there is such a movie. "And Now a Word from Our Sponsor," made by Canada's Zack Bernbaum, came out in 2013. It stars Bruce Greenwood as the ad man who was found unconscious and thereafter could only speak in commercial catch phrases. I'm betting that's the one you are talking about. Parker Posey also stars.


DEAR STACY: Following the conniption over Michelle Wolf's White House Correspondents' dinner routine, several of us were talking about how there really aren't any funny Republicans. Are there? -- A, D and S

DEAR A, D and S: Of course there are. Though the term "conservative comedian" might strike some as an oxymoron, the fact is that the red-state crowd has its comedy stars -- such as Tim Allen, Jeff Foxworthy, Dennis Miller and Victoria Jackson (both formerly of "Saturday Night Live," you'll recall), Adam Sandler, Adam Corolla, Bill Engvall and Larry the Cable Guy, to name a few.


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DEAR STACY: What has become of Shelley Fabares? -- MMI

DEAR MMI: At 74, Fabares has apparently been busier with her behind-the-scenes work as part of the Screen Actors Guild committee than with acting in recent years. With more than 50 years in a career including juvenile stardom in "The Donna Reed Show," music stardom ("Johnny Angel" still gets airplay), three movie turns as Elvis' leading lady -- and later successes including "Coach" -- Fabares has also been a great advocate on behalf of help for Alzheimer's patients and for organ donation. She underwent a liver transplant in 2000. She has been married since 1984 to Mike Farrell ("M*A*S*H").


DEAR STACY: I admire the actor William Sanderson, who has really done well in both comedy ("The Bob Newhart Show" and drama ("Deadwood," "True Blood"). I haven't seen him in some time and just wondered what he has been up to? -- Unsigned Reader

DEAR READER: Sanderson is busy writing a memoir he calls "The Life and Times of William Sanderson." Considering the dozens of film, TV and theater credits he has racked up over the course of his busy career, it should be pretty interesting.

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