Ask Stacy for May 5-6, 2018

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DEAR STACY: My daughter watches "Nailed It," on Netflix and I can't help laughing along with her. Can you tell me about the contest to be on the show? I know someone who would be perfect. -- Asking for a Friend, New Haven, Conn.

DEAR ASKING: You're too late. Sorry. There was an April 20 deadline for the "Nailed It" contest, in which aspiring guests posted cookie selfies on social media. That is, people attempted to make cookies that looked like themselves. The second season of the hilarious hit show, which will feature baking catastrophes and star funny lady Nicole Byer and chocolatier Jacques Torres, is expected by year's end.


DEAR STACY: There was talk a while back about a "Wizards of Waverly Place" reunion movie. Any update? -- GeorgiaK12

DEAR GEORGIAK12: Despite the stars and show creator Todd J. Greenwald expressing enthusiasm for the idea all over social media, there are no concrete plans. Last year, Selena Gomez complained on a Sirius XM "Morning MashUp" interview, "I feel like they give us the boot, they're like, you're too old for us at this point. It was such a great part of my life, one of my proudest moments of my life, being part of that crew and those people. There's nothing that makes me happier than being with those people." Perhaps, with enough demand, "Wizards" could cast spells again.


DEAR STACY: What does Bret Michaels think of Donald Trump? -- Poisoned

DEAR POISONED: The Poison lead singer and "Celebrity Apprentice" alumnus has been positive on the POTUS. He was one of the few stars who agreed to perform in Washington during the days before the inauguration, and he released a letter of public support for Trump. As the song says, "every rose has its thorns."


DEAR STACY: I was sorry to hear that John Mahoney of "Frasier" had died. How old was he, and what was the cause? -- Cara W., White Plains, New York

DEAR CARA: Mahoney died of cancer this past February at age 77.

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