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DEAR STACY: The new Netflix "Lost in Space" caused us to wonder, besides Bill Mumy, who had that great cameo, are any of the other original cast members still active in show business? -- Karie B., Lawndale, California

DEAR KARIE: At 92, June Lockhart (Maureen Robinson) is considered to have one of Hollywood's longest-running careers -- more than 75 years. Her last film was in 2016, "The Remake," and she has appeared on several TV shows in recent years including "Grey's Anatomy." Angela Cartwright (Penny) shifted her focus away from acting long ago and has been a fine art photographer for 30 years. Mark Goddard (Major Don West), went on to other roles, including daytime television stints, before becoming a special education teacher in his home state of Massachusetts. Marta Kristen (Judy) continued to act in theater and has been seen at sci-fi conventions. As one would expect, other cast members of the 1960s show have died, including Jonathan Harris (Dr. Zachary Smith) and Guy Williams (John Robinson).


DEAR STACY: My boyfriend says that the last scene in "The Florida Project" was shot without Disney World's permission, on an iPhone. I decided to check with you. Is this a prank? -- NSRTL

DEAR NSRTL: No prank. It's true. As filmmaker Sean Baker told The Hollywood Reporter, his piece of guerilla movie making was done "Very clandestinely...It's not against the law, it's just against the rules, and sometimes you have to break rules to make a film." It was done over a two-day period, and afterwards the child actors went off to enjoy "The Happiest Place on Earth" for real.


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DEAR STACY: Who is the actor who plays Mayhem in the Allstate commercials? He looks so familiar. Where else have I seen him? Is he married? -- HayleyN

DEAR HayleyN: That's New York City native Dean Winters. Recently, he's been seen on the Sarah Jessica Parker-Thomas Haden Church HBO series, "Divorce" as bloodthirsty, woman-hating divorce lawyer Tony Silvercreek. Winters also played a love interest of Parker's on "Sex and the City," and they're long-time friends. He's had regular roles on "30 Rock" (as Dennis Duffy), "Rescue Me," as Denis Leary's police detective brother, "Oz" (as Ryan O'Riley), and "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles," as Sarah Connor's love interest. His brother, Scott, also an actor, portrayed his brother on "Oz." Winters' film roles include "Conspiracy Theory," "All Shook Up," and the Lena Olin mystery thriller, "Devil You Know." He was formerly in a relationship with Jennifer Esposito, but has never married. The 53-year-old, 6'1" Colorado College graduate is the eldest of four siblings.


DEAR STACY: Help! They're rerunning "The Golden Girls" and I can't get that theme song out of my mind again. My friend says that the late Rue McClanahan is the singer. I doubt it. Please settle this disagreement. -- Thank You for Being My Friend, Boston, Massachusetts

DEAR THANK YOU: "Thank You for Being a Friend," written by Andrew Gold, was sung by Cynthia Fee.

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