Ask Stacy for March 31-April 1, 2018

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DEAR STACY: What is the status of the "Home Improvement" reboot? Is Jonathan Taylor Thomas going to be on the new show? -- Hayley_S

DEAR Hayley_S: It's too soon to tell. There has certainly been talk of bringing back the beloved Tim Allen sitcom of bygone days -- but not much more than talk, as of yet. Allen has said that the idea's been floated and received with enthusiasm. He indicated that he'd be open to the possibility, but also said he still misses "Last Man Standing," which finished its run last year.


DEAR STACY: What is Lindsay Lohan doing besides hawking lawyer.com? -- Renebless

DEAR Renebless: The actress has been appearing on a British sitcom called "Sick Note," and overseeing a passel of business ventures, including a nightclub she owns in Greece, a lipstick brand and, potentially, designing an artificial island within The World Islands, an artificial archipelago of small islands off the coast of Dubai.


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DEAR STACY: I'd like an update on the Lucille Ball movie that is supposed to star Cate Blanchett. -- Tony_recycle

DEAR Tony_recycle: The "Lucy and Desi" movie, for Amazon, is being penned by Oscar- and Emmy-winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin -- and still has a ways to go before finding its way to the cameras. Sorkin has been busy with a number of other projects, including his Broadway revival of "To Kill a Mockingbird" coming this fall with Jeff Daniels as Atticus Finch. We do know that "Lucy and Desi" will take place within the time frame of a single week of production of the classic "I Love Lucy" TV series. At last word, nobody has been set to play Desi Arnaz opposite Blanchett's Lucille Ball. Sorkin told The Hollywood Reporter that the plan is to sign an actor on a par with Blanchett, such as Oscar-winner Javier Bardem.


DEAR STACY: We watched a movie called "Deadpool" the other day. Can you please give the name of the song when he dances with Vanessa at the end of the movie? -- B.D., Van Nuys, California

DEAR B.D: That is "Careless Whisper," performed by George Michael in his Wham! days.

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