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DEAR STACY: Would like to get a lineup of all the "Saturday Night Live" actors who played U.S. presidents, besides Alec Baldwin as Trump and Will Farrell as George Bush, of course. My girlfriend and I can't remember who even played Obama. Thanks! -- Paul H., Chandler, Arizona

DEAR PAUL: Both Jay Pharoah and Fred Armisen did their Obama best, but rather forgettably. (Joshua Wolf Coleman, who handled the role of Barack Obama in Ray Richmond's wonderful tragi-comedic play, "Transition," in Los Angeles and continues playing Obama on the internet in "The Obama Monologues" shorts, does a better job, in my opinion.) Several presidents were portrayed by multiple performers, but here are the best-known for playing the presidents who have been in office since "SNL" began its run: Darrell Hammond and Phil Hartman specialized in Bill Clinton, Dana Carvey made George H.W. Bush his own, Hartman and Joe Piscopo portrayed Ronald Reagan (so did guest host Robin Williams), Dan Aykroyd had a ball playing Jimmy Carter -- and perhaps even more so with Richard Nixon. Chevy Chase's Gerald Ford was hilarious, but less true-to-life perhaps than some of the others, since Chase portrayed Ford as a clumsy clod and in real life he was a great athlete.


DEAR STACY: Wasn't there going to be a remake of that George Burns classic, "Oh, God"? What happened to that? -- Lyla K., Montclair, New Jersey

DEAR LYLA: Although there was a lot of talk of such a movie -- including gender-changing the title character with Betty White or Ellen Degeneres -- it's never made it past the talk stage.



DEAR STACY: Please tell what happened to my one-time favorite Rick Moranis? I seem to recall that he quit show business to raise a son after his wife died. Is that true, and is there any chance of his returning? -- Joey E., Madison, Wisconsin

DEAR JOEY: You are correct. The former movie and TV superstar of "Ghostbusters," "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" and "SCTV" renown took a hiatus from the industry beginning in 1997, explaining that he needed to focus on raising his two children. His wife, costume designer Ann Belsky, had passed away in 1991. He has done voice work since then (Disney's "Brother Bear" and other films and TV roles), but hasn't starred in a live-action feature. Perhaps he will, though he turned down a cameo in the more recent "Ghostbusters." He is apparently open to doing more on camera work, but makes it clear he is very selective. Last year, Moranis was briefly back in the spotlight when he reunited with his former "SCTV" and film partner, Dave Thomas, to play the McKenzie Brothers in a benefit show for Jake Thomas, Dave's nephew, who suffered a spinal cord injury while snowmobiling that left him paralyzed from the waist down.


DEAR STACY: Are Jenny McCarthy and Melissa McCarthy related? -- Asking for a Friend

DEAR ASKING FOR A FRIEND: The two are cousins.

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