Ask Stacy for Feb. 10-11, 2018

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DEAR STACY: I loved, loved, LOVED "Bright"! A friend at work said there is going to be a sequel. Any details? -- Georgia B., San Francisco

DEAR GEORGIA: Netflix is indeed plotting a follow-up to its $90 million "Bright," an international hit that the Nielsen Ratings folks say would have been a Top 10 box office blockbuster had it been released in theaters. Some 11 million people viewed the dystopian fantasy/buddy cop flick in its first three days of release in December. Will Smith and Joel Edgerton are attached to reprise their roles in the sequel, which will take place in the same parallel universe filled with assorted creatures as the original. David Ayer returns to write and direct the second installment, which has no debut date set as yet.


DEAR STACY: I'm looking forward to seeing the first female "Dr. Who." When will the new season debut? -- NM6

DEAR NM6: Autumn of 2018 is the only timeframe confirmed by the BBC (as well as BBC America) for the debut of Season 11, when Jodie Whittaker takes over the TARDIS as the 13th Dr. Who, and first female to inhabit that famous character in the series' 54 year history.



DEAR STACY: Can you settle a bet for us? I say that Meghan Markle, none other than Prince Harry's fiancee, appeared on the second "90210" as a naughty girl. I seem to recall her with a guy in a car in very compromised circumstances. My roommate doubts me. A dinner out is riding on this. -- Jesse N., Newark, New Jersey

DEAR JESSE: Looks like you've got yourself a free dinner. Markle played such a character in a two-episode arc in a 2008.

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