Ask Stacy for Feb. 3-4, 2018

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DEAR STACY: Please resolve an issue that came up in our quilting group. Which was the most highly watched Inauguration Day in terms of TV ratings? My friend says Donald Trump but I believe she is wrong. -- June R., Chattanooga, Tennessee

DEAR JUNE: Going strictly by Neilsen TV research, Ronald Reagan's 1981 inaugural is tops, with 41.8 million viewers compared to Barack Obama's with 37.8 million, and Donald Trump's 31 million. However, that doesn't take into account the massive numbers of folks who watched the proceedings online. It's an unfair comparison, since we're in a different world for viewers than it was back in '81, when there were only three networks, and no online viewership at all.


DEAR STACY: Will any of the original cast be on the "Party of Five" reboot? -- ROE

DEAR ROE: It's too soon to say whether any of the cast members from the 1994-2000 series might find their way onto the planned new version of "Party of Five." Perhaps as a guest star? After all, it comes from original "Party of Five" creators Chris Keyser and Amy Lippman. However, it is an entirely different show with a timely new focus -- the Buendias siblings, whose parents are unexpectedly deported to Mexico.


DEAR STACY: Is there going to be a "Rush Hour 4"? -- 12Forrrest

DEAR 12: Forrest: Jackie Chan said on the radio last October that after seven years of saying "No" to scripts for a fourth installment of the popular franchise, he finally had read one that he liked. He said "4" would get made this year if fellow star Chris Tucker agreed and scheduling could be worked out. But since then, nothing has been said and there's nothing official. So, don't be putting your money down just yet.


DEAR STACY: Can you tell me whether "She's Got the Look," the reality show with older women who want to be models, is going to come back? -- Mara S., Largo, Florida

DEAR MARA: No, there are no plans to bring back the Kim Alexis-hosted show.

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