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DEAR STACY: My mom and I are addicted to "The Crown." We'd like to know if any word has leaked out as to whether the real Queen Elizabeth has seen any of it and if she likes it. -- Robyn A., Fullerton, California

DEAR ROBYN: There have been secondhand reports filtering out of Buckingham Palace that Queen Elizabeth has watched at least some of the Netflix hit and liked it -- indeed, that she made a habit of watching with son Edward and his wife, Sophie, on Saturday nights -- but nothing has been substantiated, not surprisingly. The queen was even speculated to have made a veiled reference to the series during her most recent Christmas message, recalling her first Christmas telecast 60 years ago, which was a centerpiece of a "The Crown" episode. Star Claire Foy, perhaps taking her cue from the monarch she portrays, kept mum about the queen's TV habits when asked. "I'll believe it when I see it is all I'll say," she told Vanity Fair.


DEAR STACY: Can you tell me whether Rachel Maddow's ratings have climbed a lot this past year, as she's taken on the Republicans and their tweet-issuing leader? -- Spiritoflv

DEAR Spiritoflv: Yes, Maddow wrapped up 2017 with a whopping 77 percent increase in average viewership, with 2.6 million viewers each night. All of cable news' top shows surged in the ratings -- some 11.4 percent over all -- this being an unusually engrosssing time of news and commentary. With Bill O'Reilly out at Fox, Sean Hannity is now top dog with the No. 1 show in the cable news realm. Next is "Tucker Carlson Tonight," and then "The Five," and then Maddow, the sole liberal, and then Laura Ingraham rounding out the top five of '17.


DEAR STACY: Did Lauren Graham ever marry? -- 2Gordons

DEAR 2Gordons: No, the actress and author has never married, but she is about eight years into her coupledom with former "Parenthood" castmate Peter Krause. One of Hollywood's quieter relationships, Graham-Krause is also considered one of its most stable.


DEAR STACY: What is Jenna Elfman up to these days? I loved "Dharma & Greg." -- Paul_Br

DEAR Paul_B: She's a new addition this season to "The Walking Dead" -- about as far from the vintage sitcom as you could get -- as a resourceful loner and survivor named Naomi.

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