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DEAR STACY: When is "Riverdale" returning, and is there any more news about K.J. Apa's car crash last year? -- ArchieFan

DEAR ArchieFan: The popular series, based on Archie comic books, returns to The CW Jan. 17. KJ's car was totaled last September near Vancouver, when he apparently fell asleep at the wheel and wound up hitting a light pole. He was and is OK. Warner Bros. TV issued a statement refuting reports of too-long hours on the job taking their toll, noting that he had worked 14 hours the day of the accident, but only two hours the day before and seven before that. Also, per the studio, the Archie actor was treated by first responders and released by them on the scene


DEAR STACY: What is the actor who played Mr. Barrow in "Downton Abbey" doing these days? Also, can you give some background? -- Morrow12

DEAR MORROW12: Rob James-Collier was seen a British horror picture, "The Ritual" last year, and in a 2016 British crime drama series called "The Level." The 41-year-old, 6'2" actor got good reviews for both, bringing what critics deemed an "impressive ambivalence" to his role as a detective with a hint of malice in "The Level," his first major role since "Downton." James-Collier got a lot of attention in a Radio Times interview, observing that he might be typecast, especially in Hollywood, as Mr. Barrow, the villainous gay footman we loved to hate and love and hate and feel sad for and hate and so on. "A lot of people within the industry can only see you as that" he said. They might not be in a rush to see you as a heterosexual love interest. That takes time." James-Collier has a 7-year-old son, Milo, with his long-time partner, Lauren Chandiram. He hails from Stockpoart, Greater Manchester, England. He earned business and marketing degrees before acting on his desire to act and taking classes, supporting himself with day jobs that included bricklaying and packing frozen pasties in a factory. Eventually, he managed to land a series role in "Down to Earth" as a womanizing pub landlord. Other roles followed, including that of Liam in Britain's popular "Coronation Street" soap.


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DEAR STACY: I enjoy "Little Big Shots." Is it coming back? -- J.C., Lancaster, Pennsylvania

DEAR J.C.: Yes. Steve Harvey's reality series with precious and precocious kids returns March 5.


DEAR STACY: Can you tell me if Bonnie Bartlett is still with us? I always admired her acting. -- S.W.T., Mission Hills, California

DEAR S.W.T.: Yes. The esteemed actress and former Screen Actors Guild director is 88 years old -- two years younger than her also highly respected actor husband, William Daniels. You may recall they won Emmys the same night for their acting on "St. Elsewhere." She appeared on a "Parks & Rec" episode in 2013 and a film, "Valediction," in 2012.

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