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DEAR STACY: Sam Rockwell was just outstanding in "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri." I hope he wins an Oscar for it. Now my question. I say he was a juvenile actor. My friend disputes me. Who is right? -- HeyRayB

DEAR HeyRayB: The son of two actors, Rockwell did make his stage debut at age 10, in an improv comedy sketch starring his mother, Penny Hess, in an East Village, NYC, theater. He also made an appearance in an independent film while still in school. But by his own admission, he was more interested in partying than acting as a teen. It wasn't until the 1989 "Clownhouse" horror flick, released when he was 21, that he made an impression on a wide audience.


DEAR STACY: An update, please, on "Supernanny" Jo Frost. What is she up to? Is she still a single lady? I used to watch her all the time, but lately have not seen her. -- Pam M., Huntington Beach, California

DEAR PAM: Frost, who married location scout Darrin Jackson in 2014, divides her time between her native London and Orange County, California. At 46, she recently said she would still love to have children of her own, but recognizes that she would now be what some call a "geriatric" mom. Frost took a turn into much darker territory with a special she made, "Jo Frost: On Britain's Killer Kids" that aired in the U.K. in October. She continues to keep up a busy schedule of lecturing and appearances as well as TV.



DEAR STACY: Can you please answer a trivial question that came up between friends. Which personality has starred in the most TV series? -- Bev16

DEAR Bev16: You would be hard-pressed to come up with a better prospect than 95-year-old Betty White. Her count includes 10 scripted TV series, both comedy and drama, plus seven nonscripted, variety and reality style shows. And that is not even considering her innumerable guest star turns on episodic television, her TV movies and her game show appearances. And commercials. And parade hostings. And so on. On top of that, she has a sizeable credit list in feature films.


DEAR STACY: When did Gary Coleman die, and did drugs play a part in his early demise? -- Asking for a Friend in St. Louis

DEAR ASKING: No, the 42-year-old one-time "Diff'rent Strokes" child star's death was attributed to a fall he took in 2010 at his Utah home; he hit his head, causing a traumatic brain injury. Coleman had suffered from multiple health woes throughout his life, including kidney failure -- he had two transplants -- a heart problem that required surgery in 2009, followed by pneumonia, and seizures. A seizure may have preceded the fall.

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