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DEAR STACY: An update, please, on my favorite "Dancing With the Stars" judge, Carrie Ann Inaba. Did she and her fiance go separate ways? Has she ever been married? Also, when is the next season starting? -- NFF1993

DEAR NFF1993: It's a time of change for the 59-year-old, Honolulu born Carrie Ann. She and actor Robb Derringer quietly ended their engagement in September after nine months. Never married, she had two other widely reported serious relationships, to Russian dancer Artem Chigvintsev and to Jesse Sloan, an online dating match to whom she became engaged on "Live With Regis and Kelly." Now she looks forward to a shortened "DWTS" season next year, with only athletes as contestants. She commented in an instagram post, "I am sad that we won't have a full season in the spring to experience together. But I look forward to the new experience we will share in late April. We all have to keep evolving. Even 'DWTS' has to keep evolving..." Clearly, she still enjoys doing "DWTS." She also noted, "In this day and age, our show is a safe haven for people to turn on their tv and enjoy a family night with familiar faces and fantastic entertainment. It's a feast for the soul." Inaba is actively involved in a number of charities, including Drea's Dream, a dance therapy initiative for children dealing with cancer. She has produced theater productions and short films. It's an amazing load considering she has some hefty physical challenges -- being legally blind without corrective lenses; spinal stenosis resulting from a gymnastics injury; and the long-term auto immune disease Sjogren syndrome. Inaba serves as the Sjogren Syndrome Foundation's National Awareness Ambassador and Spokesperson.


DEAR STACY: Please settle a debate between some friends. Which movies generated the most toy sales ever? -- LollyDee

DEAR LollyDee: How do you count the stars in the cosmos, young Jedi? The ever-increasing cumulative total for "Star Wars" merchandise had already passed $20 billion by 2013. "Star Wars" latest feature incarnations fueled a 5 percent increase in sales across the entire toy industry in 2016. Revenue from last year's "Star Wars" toys and games alone was a reported $1.5 billion. In 2015, "Star Wars" generated a force of $700 million in toy sales in the United States.


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DEAR STACY: Whatever became of Jayne Kennedy? -- Claudia W., Charlotte, North Carolina

DEAR ERNEST: The actress/spokesmodel/football announcer -- and first African American Playboy cover model -- dropped out of the public eye in the 1990s to focus on raising her family with second husband (since 1985) Bill Overton. They have three grown daughters in addition to his daughter by a previous marriage. The 66-year-old Kennedy has also struggled with weight problems, sometimes topping 200 pounds -- a situation complicated by her long battle with endometriosis. Svelte again for her 65th birthday, Kennedy Overton does still occasionally appear on religious TV shows. She raised millions of dollars for the Children's Miracle Network as a spokeswoman for the charity.


DEAR STACY: Are Erika Christensen and Hayden Christensen brother and sister? -- George L., Westminster, Calif.

DEAR GEORGE: No. Hayden hails from Vancouver and has two sisters, Kaylen and Hejsa. Seattle-born Erika, who was raised in LA, has two brothers, Brandon and Dane.

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