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DEAR STACY: What's happened to Paula Abdul? I never hear about her any more. Any chance she will return to "So You Think You Can Dance"?-- CC1417

DEAR CC1417: Abdul was busy this year co-headlining the Total Package Tour from May into July with New Kids on the Block and Boyz II Men. Whether she might return to "SYTYCD" at some point is unknown -- as is the show's future. Neither prospect looks good, though. The 14-year-old show was already showing deep signs of wear and impoverished ratings before this latest season, which returned to the previously winning format. Alas for "SYTYCD," it doesn't seem to have gained new life.


DEAR STACY: I was very relieved to hear that reports of Morgan Freeman's death were false. Why would anyone spread such a malicious story? -- Robbie

DEAR ROBBIE: As click bait, I would assume. These made-ya-look items raise the traffic to phony "news" sites, thereby increasing their value to advertisers. The Freeman story came from a known hoax-purveying site I won't name because I don't want to give them any publicity. It came without a publication date -- one sign to look for when you wish to discern legitimate news and information from internet dross.


DEAR STACY: I was a fan of Daren Kagasoff during"The Secret Life of the American Teenager." What is he up to nowadays? -- Jan W., Warren, OH

DEAR JAN: It's comparatively quiet on the Kagasoff career scene since his "Oija" horror pic of last year and the series pilot he made that was not picked up. However, he has been posting pics of his super well-chiseled body and handsome face, so there's that. Guess we'll need to stay tuned.


DEAR STACY: I saw a photo of Blythe Danner when she was young and she looked like a dead ringer for her daughter, Gwyneth Paltrow. Have mom and daughter ever worked together? -- Lara D., Cedar Rapids, IA

DEAR LARA: Yes, in the 1992 TV movie, "Cruel Doubt" and then again in 2003, in the big-screen "Sylvia" in which Gwyneth played poet Sylvia Plath and Blythe portrayed her mother.

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