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DEAR STACY: What is the status of the lawsuit Olivia de Havilland filed against the makers of "Feud"? -- Hannah_B

DEAR Hannah_B: The 101-year-old screen legend won a victory in court earlier this month when Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Holly Kendig granted her request for a fast tracked trial, and slated Nov. 27 for proceedings to begin. De Havilland is claiming that her portrayal by Catherine Zeta-Jones in "Feud: Bette and Joan" damaged her "professional reputation for integrity, honesty, generosity, self-sacrifice and dignity." The two-time Oscar winner was portrayed as a gossipy pal of Bette Davis in the limited series starring Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange.


DEAR STACY: Are there any plans for either of the Olsen twins to appear on "Fuller House"? Ever? -- JJ19

DEAR JJ19: No. Although "Fuller House" creator Jeff Franklin has said the door is open as far as the show is concerned, he is "kind of done with asking" 31-year-old Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen about visiting the present-day spinoff of the series that made them child stars. The twins have made it clear they prefer to stay out of the public eye, concentrating on their fashion brands.



DEAR STACY: Any word on who is going to play the companion now that we know "Dr. Who" is going to be played by a woman? Will it be a man this time? -- YF, Long Beach, California

DEAR YF: Apparently so. Bradley Walsh, 57, who is known to Brits for his work on "Coronation Street" has been reported as the designated companion for Jodie Whittaker's 13th "Dr. Who."


DEAR STACY: We just watched "Blazing Saddles" again and it made me wonder what happened to Alex Karras? Is he still with us? And his wife, Susan Clark? -- Gloria N., Yonkers, New York

DEAR GLORIA: The football great-turned-actor died at age 77 in 2012 of kidney failure, after a long struggle with ill health including heart problems and stomach cancer. He had joined a lawsuit against the NFL earlier in the year, claiming that multiple concussions and jolts to the head during his playing days (mostly as a defensive tackle for the Detroit Lions) had caused the dementia that had curtailed his abilities for seven years prior to his death. His widow, Susan Clark, who starred with Karras in the TV movie "Babe" and the series "Webster," is now 74.

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