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DEAR STACY: Please settle an awards show bet. I say Jay Leno never hosted the Emmys or Oscars. My friend doubts me. Please let us know who is right? -- Barbara L., Portland, Oregon

DEAR BARBARA: Leno did co-host the 42nd Emmy Awards show in 1990, with Candice Bergen and Jane Pauley. He never hosted the Oscars. While he was busy starring in "The Tonight Show," Leno made it clear that he thought it would be impossible to take the time to prep for solo hosting duties and keep up his own show at the same time. Once he was no longer hosting "The Tonight Show," other, hotter names came to the fore. He has certainly been a huge Emmy presence through the years -- as a presenter, a many-times nominee, and as a winner in '95, when his "Tonight Show" took honors for outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Series, and in 2011 when his current "Jay Leno's Garage" show took Emmy honors for Special Class Short Format Nonfiction Program.


DEAR STACY: Is Krysten Ritter of "Jessica Jones" any relation to the late John Ritter? -- T.A.M. in New Haven

DEAR T.A.M.: The actress is not related to the beloved actor of "Three's Company" and "Slingblade" fame, who died in 2003.


DEAR STACY: Whatever happened to Jeffrey Hunter, who portrayed Jesus in "King of Kings"? -- PMusk

DEAR PMusk: Hunter, who also played John Wayne's sidekick in "The Searchers," and the original captain of the USS Enterprise, Christopher Pike, on "Star Trek," died as the result of a fall at age 42 in 1969.


DEAR STACY: Are there any plans to bring back "The Hollywood Squares"? -- LaLa82

DEAR LaLa82: No such plans have been announced. The last incarnation of the popular celebrity comedy game show concluded its run in 2004. The best bet for laughs watching celebrities goofing around playing games together nowadays is NBC's "Hollywood Game Night," a guaranteed good time.

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