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DEAR STACY: I read that Sandra Bullock donates a million dollars every time there is a natural catastrophe like Hurricane Harvey. How rich is she? And what else is she up to? -- Jeremy N., Sherman Oaks, California

DEAR JEREMY: The philanthropy-minded movie star and producer has a net worth that's been estimated at $200 million and an annual income said to be $23.5 million. She has completed "Ocean's 8," which is hitting theaters next June. In it, she plays the estranged sister of Danny Ocean (George Clooney), who plots her own heist at the fashion fabulous Met Gala. Her team of robbers includes Cate Blanchett, Rihanna, Mindy Kaling, Awkwafina, Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hatahaway and Sarah Paulson. In a relationship with photographer Bryan Randall since 2015, Bullock is the mom of two adopted children, 5-year-old Laila and 7-year-old Louis.


DEAR STACY: Is anyone besides Goldie Hawn still alive from the old "Laugh-In" show? -- ninjamama12

DEAR ninjamama12: Yes. You forgot the woman who brought us Ernestine and Edith Ann, Lily Tomlin. Also Arte Johnson, Jo Anne Worley and Willie Tyler.


DEAR STACY: Whatever happened to Linda Ellerbee? I used to watch her all the time. -- JanZee

DEAR JanZee: After more than four decades in broadcasting, the former NBC, ABC and Nick News personality retired the end of 2015 at age 71. She said, in her farewell message, that she considered herself a lucky woman. "I saw the world, met many of the world's most interesting people and was well paid to do so. Now I choose to go, and I go smiling. I've had a great time. And thank you for asking, but, no, I don't intend to mellow."


DEAR STACY: What ever became of Jaye Davidson of "The Crying Game"? -- Henri B. Boston

DEAR HENRI: Davidson left acting, stating that he hated the fame that came with the job. He subsequently went back to modeling and working in the field of fashion. "Crying Game" producer Stephen Woolley was quoted in Awardsline saying that he'd heard Davidson, now 49, had moved to Paris and was really happy.

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