Ask Stacy for Sept. 2-3, 2017

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DEAR STACY: What is Justine Bateman up to nowadays? -- KBT, Cincinnati

DEAR KBT: Bateman's activities are so eclectic and prolific, it's hard to keep track. The one-time "Family Ties" teen star was at last month's Toronto International Film Festival premiering a short film called "Five Minutes," her directorial debut. She also made a book deal last month for a nonfiction tome called "Fame." Set for release in fall of 2018, it was described by her agent as a "witty, critical and insightful examination of our collective obsession with celebrity." Yes, that includes experiences of her own, and possibly brother Justin's. Perhaps you're aware that the 51-year-old married (Mark Fluent) mother of two went back to college -- UCLA -- and graduated last year with a degree in digital management and computer science, and that she is also a pilot and scuba diver, and used to have a digital production company and a clothing line. And that she is an advocate for net neutrality and testified on the matter before congress nine years ago. She does still pop up in acting roles occasionally. She guested on "Modern Family" awhile back, for example.

DEAR STACY: How did the summer "Weekend Update" spinoff of "Saturday Night Live" do in the ratings? Will Colin Jost and Michael Che be back next summer? -- FreeErica

DEAR FreeErica: Too early to say. "Weekend Update: Summer Edition" was considered a mild success but by no means a slam dunk. Most likely there will be another summer run if "SNL" proves the hit it was this past season.

DEAR STACY: Please settle a bet. Besides the "Flipper" series of the 1960s, wasn't there another show that starred a dolphin? -- Penny H., New Port Richey, Florida

DEAR PENNY: Yes. Perhaps you are thinking of the 1989 "Dolphin Cove" CBS series about a widower (Frank Converse) and his children in Australia, in which the daughter (Karron Graves) communicates with dolphins. Or maybe you have in mind the 1995-2000 "Flipper: The New Adventures" that featured a young Jessica Alba as the teenage daughter.

DEAR STACY: Is Ryan Reynolds any relation to Burt Reynolds? -- Shawna12

DEAR Shawna12: No.

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