Ask Stacy for January 20-21, 2018

DEAR STACY: Is Piers Morgan really a close friend of Donald Trump? -- JasonH77

DEAR JASONH77: I can't say how close they may or may not have been, but I can say that Morgan, the winner of 2008's "Celebrity Apprentice," has defended his long-standing friendship with Trump many times. That is despite the "Good Morning Britain" host's ...Read more

Ask Stacy for Jan. 13-14, 2018

DEAR STACY: I watched "Victoria and Abdul" on a recent flight and found the Indian actor who plays Abdul just delightful. Can you tell me about him? Is he married? Where else can we see him? -- Betszee13

DEAR Betszee13: Ali Fazal, 31, hails from Lucknow in Northern India. The 2014 "Most Desirable Man" designee by the Times of India, he is not ...Read more

Ask Stacy for Jan. 6-7, 2017

DEAR STACY: When is "Riverdale" returning, and is there any more news about K.J. Apa's car crash last year? -- ArchieFan

DEAR ArchieFan: The popular series, based on Archie comic books, returns to The CW Jan. 17. KJ's car was totaled last September near Vancouver, when he apparently fell asleep at the wheel and wound up hitting a light pole. He...Read more

Ask Stacy for Dec. 30-31, 2017

DEAR STACY: Sam Rockwell was just outstanding in "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri." I hope he wins an Oscar for it. Now my question. I say he was a juvenile actor. My friend disputes me. Who is right? -- HeyRayB

DEAR HeyRayB: The son of two actors, Rockwell did make his stage debut at age 10, in an improv comedy sketch starring his ...Read more

Ask Stacy

DEAR STACY: Is anyone still alive from the cast of "It's a Wonderful Life"? -- Karen G., Thousand Oaks, California

DEAR KAREN: Yes, former child actors seen in the 72-year-old Christmas classic survive today, including "Zuzu," Karolyn Grimes, "Janey," Carol Coombs, and "Tommy," Jimmy Hawkins. Interviewed by MSNBC a couple of years ago, the now-...Read more

Ask Stacy for Dec. 16-17, 2017

DEAR STACY: What is "House of Cards" going to do without Kevin Spacey? -- Mia R., Boulder, Colorado

DEAR MIA: There will be a final, eight episode season with Robin Wright's Claire Underwood as the show's lead. It begins shooting in January. Producers scrapped most, if not all, the footage shot with Spacey playing Frank Underwood earlier this ...Read more

Ask Stacy for Dec. 9-10, 2017

DEAR STACY: Do my ears deceive me? My son was watching a Thomas the Tank Engine show at a friend's and I am just sure I heard the voice of Robert Crawley of "Downton Abbey" as an engine named Merlin. Am I right? And please let me know what he has been up to otherwise. -- Donna B., Rancho Cucamonga, California

DEAR DONNA: Yes, Hugh Bonneville, ...Read more

Ask Stacy for Dec. 2-3, 2017

DEAR STACY: An update, please, on my favorite "Dancing With the Stars" judge, Carrie Ann Inaba. Did she and her fiance go separate ways? Has she ever been married? Also, when is the next season starting? -- NFF1993

DEAR NFF1993: It's a time of change for the 59-year-old, Honolulu born Carrie Ann. She and actor Robb Derringer quietly ended their...Read more

Ask Stacy for Nov. 25-26, 2017

DEAR STACY: I loved "thirtysomething" back in the day, so of course I'm enjoying the fact that our "Michael Steadman" -- actor-producer-director Ken Olin -- is having a great success as a producer and director of "This Is Us." I'd like to know whether he plans to appear on the series. -- PatNel33

DEAR PatNel33: There are no such plans, and that...Read more

Ask Stacy for Nov 18-19, 2017

DEAR STACY: There is so much in the news about the drop in football ratings due to the national anthem protests. How bad is it, really? -- Micahglen

DEAR Micahglen; Put it this way -- it's doubtful that even if the protests stopped tomorrow the NFL's viewership slip would be over.

Looking over week after week of ratings in which multiple NFL ...Read more

Ask Stacy for Nov. 11-12, 2017

DEAR STACY: Sterling K. Brown is the best actor to come along in quite a while, in my opinion. I would like a few facts about him. Age? Marital status? Children? Other credits besides "This is Us" and "The People vs. O.J. Simpson"? Thank you. -- Alicia C., Moorpark, California

DEAR ALICIA: The 41-year-old, two-time Emmy-winning actor has been ...Read more

Ask Stacy for Nov. 4-5, 2017

DEAR STACY: What is happening with the "Charlie's Angels" reboot that is supposed to have Lupita Nyong'o and my girl, Kristen Stewart, starring? -- Sally W., Warren, Ohio

DEAR SALLY: The new "Charlie's Angels" has already been issued a release date -- June 7, 2019 -- and director Elizabeth Banks is currently overseeing rewrites on the script ...Read more

Weinstein Co. Sought 'Light of the Moon' Rape Drama

Filmmaker Jessica M. Thompson's Nov. 1 release debut film as an auteur director, "The Light of the Moon," has Stephanie Beatriz ("Brooklyn Nine-Nine") as a woman struggling to resume her life after a sexual attack. The feature has garnered excellent reviews and enthusiastic festival response, including the SXSW Narrative Feature Audience Award...Read more


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