Of Love: A Sonnet

Robert Herrick on

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How love came in I do not know,
Whether by the eye, or ear, or no;
Or whether with the soul it came
(At first) infused with the same;
Whether in part 'tis here or there,
Or, like the soul, whole everywhere,
This troubles me: but I as well
As any other this can tell:
That when from hence she does depart
The outlet then is from the heart.

About this poem
"Of Love: A Sonnet" was published in Robert Herrick's "Hesperides" (1648).
About Robert Herrick

Robert Herrick was born on Aug. 24, 1591, in London. He was a disciple of the poet Ben Jonson and is best known for his book "Hesperides" (1648). He died on Oct. 15, 1674.

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