Holy Cosmos

Nathalie Handal on

Published in Poem Of The Day

We've been told space
is like two dark lips colliding
like science fiction
it outlines a small cosmos

where fear hides in a glow
where negative space

becomes a place for wishing
a constellation of hazy tunes

of faint sharp vowels
a glossary of meteors

a telescope to god
a cold bright white

maybe distance damages us
maybe Jupiter

will suddenly surprise us
with a notion of holiness

but instead an old planet
takes over all the space

and we are reminded
of the traces of fire

in our gaze
defining our infidelities

About this poem
"'Holy Cosmos' is part of a cycle of Americana poems that I've been working on."
-Nathalie Handal

About Nathalie Handal
Nathalie Handal is the author of "The Republics" (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2015). She teaches at Columbia University and lives in Queens, New York.

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