from "Sharking of the Birdcage"

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what was it you wanted us to
say after you died
it's awful without you making sound exist
you said ponder this
but none of us can remember
what now dear please speak up
when quaking became zeal to open
nothing now but a
medieval barking gargoyle
whoever gave you the tambourine shall
be sheriff of my tender zoo
I am not here
I am in the future
where I have always been
please hurry back and forth to
kiss me my ghost

About this poem
"The series of poems 'Sharking of the Birdcage' comes out of my recent, long, (Soma)tic poetry ritual I created at the MacDowell colony, where I meditated with a crystal given to me by my boyfriend, Mark Holmes, the last time I saw him. He was brutally murdered, leveling my life with depression for a time. These poems mark a healing, a return to wholeness for me."

About CAConrad
CAConrad's most recent book is "ECODEVIANCE: (Soma)tics for the Future Wilderness" (Wave Books, 2014). He lives in Philadelphia.

The Academy of American Poets is a nonprofit, mission-driven organization, whose aim is to make poetry available to a wider audience. Email The Academy at poem-a-day[at]poets.org.

(c) 2014 CAConrad. Originally published by the Academy of American Poets, www.poets.org. Distributed by King Features Syndicate

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