Delight in Disorder

Robert Herrick on

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A sweet disorder in the dresse
Kindles in cloathes a wantonnesse:
A Lawne about the shoulders thrown
Into a fine distraction:
An erring Lace, which here and there
Enthralls the Crimson Stomacher:
A Cuffe neglectfull, and thereby
Ribbands to flow confusedly:
A winning wave (deserving Note)
In the tempestuous petticote:
A careless shooe-string, in whose tye
I see a wilde civility:
Doe more bewitch me, then when Art
Is too precise in every part.

About this poem
"Delight in Disorder" was published in Robert Herrick's "Hesperides" (1648).

About Robert Herrick
Robert Herrick was born on Aug. 24, 1591, in London. He was a disciple of the poet Ben Jonson and is best known for his book "Hesperides" (1648). He died on Oct. 15, 1674.

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