Wide Sigh

Melissa Broder on

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I thought that there were two
The good voice
And my voice

I thought the good voice was buried
And I would have to go
Under my voice
Which is glittery and cold
To get there

Then I heard them
A drumbeat and hawks
Also snakes
Many wild voices

Big beats
One beat
All over

Do you hear it?
I hear it now
Speeding up
Taking me up

About this Poem
"This poem contends with ego-pain in a context of non-duality. It's tempting to write the ego off as unholy, because it causes so much suffering. But if everything is everything, then everything is everything. This poem gets that-even if I sometimes don't."
-Melissa Broder

About Melissa Broder
Melissa Broder is the author of "Scarecrone" (Publishing Genius, 2014). She lives in Los Angeles.

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(c) 2014 Melissa Broder
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