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Learning that JT's bad behavior was due to a brain tumor, Victoria feels guilty that she did not realize something was wrong with JT. With the brain tumor removed, JT heads off to prison. He explains to his son he has to pay for what he did, no matter what caused his misdeeds. That is what a real man does. Lily serves Cane with divorce papers.



"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Rafe is stunned when Jordan reveals she has a baby boy in California. Jordan is adamant she did not start the first cabin fire. Claire goes rogue when she tries to stop Tripp from marrying Haley to get her a green card. Prompted by Eve, Jack agrees to tape Tripp and Hailey as they plot their reason for getting married. John is disgusted when he realizes Diana was responsible for injecting Marlena with penicillin.

Diana finally admits her misdeeds and reveals Leo is not John's son. Shattered, Leo signs annulment papers. Before he leaves Salem. Leo gives Will the evil eye. Will collapses. At the hospital, Will comes to and all of his tests are normal.

When Gabi kisses him, Stefan tosses her out of the mansion. Brady tells Chloe he loves her. She reminds how unhappy their marriage was. Sarah tells Rex she kissed Eric and he did not respond. When Sarah suggests she and Rex wed, Rex wonders if that is what she really wants. Ben and Ciara share a hot kiss. Ted's claim that his wife is dead proves a lie, when Diana says she saw her in Paris years after her "death." Eli is concerned when Lani begins to bond with baby David. Abe and Sheila grow closer.




"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Lulu is heartbroken when Dante says the only way he can protect those he loves is to leave town. Feeling he cannot break the bonds of being brainwashed, Dante tells Lulu she cannot wait for him, and she must live her life.

Wrongly thinking that Wiley is her son by Shiloh, Willow decides to stay in town, which delights Chase. Sam convinces Shiloh to drop charges against Jason. Jason and Jordan plan to work together to bring down Dawn of Day. Margaux, who appears to be a member of the cult, assures Jason one day she will see him behind bars. Receiving heavy breathing calls, Ava tells Julian she thinks they are from Ryan. Liz fumes when Aiden is not invited to a classmate's birthday party. Franco and Liz discuss wedding plans. Laura tells Kevin she does not want a divorce. He understands she cannot be with him in court as her position as mayor would make it improper. Sonny is hurt when Kristina tells him she chooses DOD over all her friends and family.

Monica tells Drew and Kim that Oscar should stay at the mansion for hospice care. The brokenhearted duo agrees to move into the mansion as Oscar faces his last days. Cameron is in trouble when he misses a community service day.



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