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"THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS": Scott and Abby are saved when Crystal arrives on the scene and murders Zack. Victor swears he had no idea the dating website was really trafficking in sex for sale. Unaware that Scott and Abby slept together while being held captive, Sharon wants Scott to move in with her; Nick is not keen on the idea. Noah assures Nick he may be working for Victor, but will not become like Victor. Victor warns Chelsea to back off or he will tell Adam that Christian is really Adam's child. Ravi takes a job at NEWMAN. Phylis enjoys her renewed relationship. Cane is thrilled when he gets to hold baby Sam in his arms. Ashley and Jack deal with Dina having Alzheimer's. Ashley thinks she belongs in a care facility, but Jack wants her at home. Ashley says she will relent for now, but they will revisit the situation as Dina declines. Jack and Ashley prepare to tell a lucid Dina about her ailment. Victor is impressed by Victoria's take no prisoner business approach. Billy skirts the issue when Phyllis says he needs to get a job. Despite all the chaos, the folks of Genoa City celebrate Thanksgiving.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Jason's world continues to rocked when Robin is the latest person to think Patient 6 is Jason and he is his twin Drew. When Patient 6 asks Sam if she wants him to leave town, she says no. She wants to know the truth. Patient 6 has a warm encounter with Danny. After Patient 6 leaves, it is obvious Sam thinks he is Jason, despite the fact that she loves and wants to be with the man she has known as Jason for the past two years. As Amy is making an on-air confession about the Man Landers scheme, Quinn warns they will be sued. Chet steps in and says it is because of him that Man Landers came to be. Quinn is stunned and happy when the revelation by Chet sends the media trending and book sales through the roof. Maxie intends to find out who gave the Man Landers story to the intruder. Carly and Sonny are thankful that Nelle the snitch is out of Michael's life. Michael and Patient six have a warm reunion, as Michael accepts him as the real Jason. Nathan is thrilled when Maxie reveals she is pregnant. Valentin is unaware that Nina continues to have contact with Cassandra. Oscar's mom comes to Thanksgiving at Sonny's. She tells her host she knows he is a mobster. The subject changes when Patient 6 arrives. Oscar's mom turns pale and calls him Drew. Realizing that Monica is going to be alone at Thanksgiving, Ned and everyone else arrives with the traditional Thanksgiving's day pizza.


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