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"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Brady's cruel plan to cause heartbreak for Nicole and Eric takes fruition. Unless Nicole tells Eric she does not love him and she is leaving town with Holly, he will turn her in for killing Deimos. Eric is crushed when Nicole says goodbye. Brady's next move is to take control of Titan. Everyone is questioning Adrienne's strange behavior. Blackmailed by Adrienne -- who is really Bonnie -- Victor is forced to tell Maggie he wants a divorce and plans to marry Adrienne. Steve heads to Statesville to see if Hattie has a hold on Adrienne. Sami is furious when she finds Paul and John as they are about to dig up Will's grave, Sami calls the police and Rafe arrives at the cemetery. Rafe convinces Sami not to press charges. When a drunken Lucas arrives, he and Sami comfort each other. Sami is furious that Lucas has fallen off the wagon. He says he plans to keep drinking, as he has nothing to live for. Chad is stunned when he finds Sami in his living room. He is further stunned when she pulls him into a hot kiss just as Abby arrives on the scene. Sami tells Marlena that she was wrong about EJ. She has gone all over the world to see if he is alive but has not found him. Sami plans to find Rolf to prove if Will is dead or alive. Paul tells Sonny that he understands Sonny being emotionally torn over Will, but Paul is uncertain if he can continue on the sidelines. Chad tells Andre the board wants to throw him out for his latest bad publicity; Andre pleads with Chad to help him. Chad says the only way that Andre may have a chance is if does a very good deed. Andre decides finding Dr. Rolf could be that good dead. Although not keen in the idea, Rafe agrees to partner with Eli.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Arriving in Port Charles, Patient Six heads to Sonny's. With neither Sonny nor Carly at home, Patient Six is taken aback when he sees several photos of people he has never met. His next stop is the penthouse. No one is home there, either. Out on the balcony, Patient Six sees Sam and Jason come in. He is stunned when they reveal that Danny is old enough to go to camp and when he hears them talk about Morgan's death. At the cemetery, he finds Morgan's grave and chokes up when he realizes the boy named after him really is dead. He tells them that the Quartermaines always said he was lost after the car accident. Now he really is lost, and wonders what to do. Arriving at Morgan's grave, Ava is shocked to see Patient Six. Realizing he has nowhere to go, he accepts Ava's invitation to stay at her place, Ava agrees to take a note to Sonny. Sonny warns Carly not to try and interfere in Joss and Oscar's budding relationship or she will make Joss rebel. Carly walks in as Oscar and Josh are about to kiss. Josh and Oscar continue the search for Oscar's father. Anna tells Finn that Cassandra sells black market drugs that have killed several people. Finn is not amused when Anna says they have to have everyone in town think they are an item as they work to take down Cassandra. Cassandra meets with Valentin and says she wants to return to their business and bedroom partnership. When Valentin balks, she says he will get bored trying to be a good guy. Nina is thrilled when Jason says she and Sam want her to stay on as the editor of Crimson. Betsy admits to Franco that Amdrewid not die when he was three. She sent him away because Franco nearly killed him when he pushed the toddler down the stairs. Having decided to leave the priesthood, Griffin is still unsure of his life us with Ava. Michael decides to end Curtis's search to find out the truth about the death of Nelle's fiance. Alexis continues to fume over Kristina moving to Oregon with Parker. Lulu pushes Laura to accept Kevin's marriage proposal.



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