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"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Knowing the trepidations that Steffy had about his trip to San Francisco, Liam makes it clear to Sally that their venture is strictly business. Sally is horrified when she realizes Bill had the Spectra building torched. When Quinn's back goes out, Mateo reveals he is a masseuse; Eric tells Mateo he better not cross the line with Quinn or there will be hell to pay. Sheila laughs when Charlie tells her to leave town. Bill voices his concern to Steffy about his marriage, as well as the way Liam has been treating her. Following his productive interaction with Quinn the day before, Mateo's job description at the Forrester mansion changes. Sheila takes advantage of Mateo's new position with the Forresters to further her plan to extract Quinn from Eric's life. Liam makes a point to tell Steffy about the lengths that he took with Sally to prove his devotion to his marriage. Justin pays a visit to update Bill on what Liam has been up to as the CEO of Spencer Publications and the excess money that has been spent. Bill suspects that Liam may be developing feelings for Sally. Having noticed that Katie has been much happier lately, Brooke interrogates her sister about her current love life. Charlie discovers the portrait that Sheila had commissioned and assures her that it will never hang over Eric's fireplace. RJ gets his hopes up about his parents reuniting when Ridge tells him about Brooke moving back home. After much thought, Brooke makes plans with Bill to discuss their differences and the future of their marriage. Quinn and Mateo enjoy working together, but in much different ways. Ridge anxiously awaits word from Brooke about her conversation with Bill, hoping that she decided to end her marriage. Bill and Steffy are growing closer. When RJ sees Brooke and Ridge involved in an intimate conversation, he questions them about a possible change in their relationship. Worried that Wyatt has been single for way too long, Quinn makes a plan to find him a suitable woman. Meanwhile, Wyatt and Katie play hooky from their respective jobs in order to spend some private time together. Brooke gives Ridge very little insight as to what caused the problem in her marriage to Bill.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Adrienne comes across Hattie in prison and learns that Anjelica was behind the Bonnie/Adrienne Hattie/Marlena switch. With Sheila pressuring her for money, Bobbie tells Victor she knows he put a hit out on Deimos. With Sonny trying to deal with the possibility that Will is alive, Brady pressures Victor to make him head of Titan. Nicole goes to Eric's farm. They admit they love each other and want to spend their lives together. When Brady realizes that Nicole was with Eric, he threatens to tell the police she killed Deimos. Eric is rushed when Nicole tells him she is leaving town with Holly but does not say why. Hope's first job as the top cop is finding out if Will is alive. Finding a drunken Lucas at Will's grave, Kate decides to visit Clyde in prison. Clyde says it is true and he learned it from an inmate. Roman is stunned when Sami comes to town. Sami hints she knows the truth about Will. Paul tells Sonny he will wait for him no matter how long it takes. Newlywed Chad and Abby revel in their lovemaking. Eli fears his past is going to catch up with him. Chloe and Brady console each other -- her for losing contact with Holly and off the wagon Brady for losing Nicole. Roman admits to Marlena he does have feelings for Kate, but cannot act on them because Kate is married to Andre


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Back in Port Charles, Ava is confronted by Laura, who calls her out about deciding not to testify against Valentin in exchange for getting her face fixed in Russia. On the anniversary of Morgan's death, his family holds a memorial service. When Ava arrives on the scene, the moment is ruined. After talking to Julian, Jason tells Sam he is heading to New York City to give her a surprise. Sam decies to go with him. Liz understands why Franco did not tell her everything about Jason's twin Drew, but eventually they have to tell Jason the truth. Stowing away on a Russian steamer, patient six finds himself with Huxley the man who was round when Nikolas was murdered. Kevin asks Laura to marry him. Dr. Benesh lends an ear to Alexis who just learned Kristina dropped out of college. When Parker is fired for seeing Kristina, Alexis swears she did not turn her in. When Kristina decided to move to Oregon with Parker, Alexis plots a way to stop her. Michael hires Curtis to prove Nelle did not kill her fiance, Maxie is going crazy by all the groupies who are tracking down Nathan so they can meet Man Landers. Anna continues to press Finn to help her find out about the stolen diamonds.


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