The Mean, Old Turkey of Turkeytown


I pulled forward a little more aggressively and this time, the turkey raised up its wings and actually flew at my car. Honestly, I didn't even know turkeys could fly. It didn't fly high, or fast, or even gracefully, but the sight of a giant bird coming at my windshield was enough to have me throw the car into reverse and burn rubber back down the road.

Turzilla settled back into position in the middle of the street and went back to pecking at the blacktop. I picked up my cellphone and called my husband.

"I'm late for an appointment and I can't get down the street because there is a giant killer turkey in the middle of the road," I whined to him.

"Honey, have you been taking your meds?" he asked me.

"I'm serious," I complained. "There is a huge wild turkey blocking the street and it won't let me pass."

"Aren't you the one with the 4,000-pound SUV?" he inquired.

"Yes, but he has a mean peck," I said.


"Well, clearly there is only one thing that will get him to move," he said.


"Roll down your window and tell him it's Thanksgiving."


Tracy Beckerman is the author of the Amazon Bestseller "Barking at the Moon: A Story of Life, Love, and Kibble," available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble online! You can visit her at


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