Real or Fake? Listings for Half-Million Dollar Homes


As the country's distended housing market evolves like a deranged Pokemon, you may have been tempted to peruse a local open house. Or, you may have developed a habit of neurotically browsing real estate listings, wondering how long you will be captive in your current situation. Haha, who would do that???

As the Federal Reserve plans to tamp down the economy and reset the out-of-control home market, house sales are finally cooling off. The bonkers real estate listings, though, will not be stopped so easily. They embody le spirit of the times : "With a little ingenuity, a fifth loan and a yearslong commitment to cohabitating with a contractor named Timmy, you might be able to get, eh, 20% closer to the home of your dreams. Room for pool!"

To pass time until the inevitable financial fallout, let's play a game. The following listings are from the Tampa Bay region of Florida, site of one of the largest home price spikes in the nation. Your mission is to decide if these spots for homes in the $500,000 range are real, or if I made them up. The answer key is at the bottom. Don't cheat, unless unimportant acts of rebellion make you feel alive in a world evading your understanding, in which case, proceed.

No. 1: Opportunities abound for the creative buyer. Kitchen pantry could be converted into a home office, nursery, wet bar or reading nook.

No. 2: Paint throughout!

No. 3: 5 min to the new TESLA FACILITY.


No. 4: Sip coffee while gazing on a retention pond water view from three exposures.

No. 5: This is not in a flood zone like most homes in the area.

No. 6: Location, location, location! Only six miles from Publix, 12 miles from middle/high school and a quick 45-minute drive to restaurants, shops and nightlife.

No. 7: You could rehab this cozy home and sit poolside, you could tear it down and build your dream home in one of South Tampa's most desirable neighborhoods, or you could build a second home on the property and use it as an in-law suite or a rental opportunity (buyers are encouraged to do their due diligence and confirm with City and County exactly what is allowed).


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