Even if You Don't Read This, I'm Thankful


I am thankful for the news. This is probably obvious, and I don't need to rehash all the reasons news matters to democracy. I actually came here to say I'm also thankful for the absence of it.

See, people like to complain about how the news is all bad, and there's truth to that. But think about why. A plane landing safely or a concert without chaos doesn't usually make headlines.

No one wants to read a story that says, "Everything was fine today; carry on!" People may say they do, but they don't; we have the data. They might not read this one, and that's OK. I'll point out something bad and annoying soon, gas prices and people who talk on speakerphone in stores being lead contenders.

But it's Thanksgiving time, and I'm just feeling thankful that the blithely ordinary, garden-variety moments still outweigh the upsetting ones.

I marvel at how much goes right every time I get on the road and people generally follow rules. Humans have an incredible unspoken pact to, for the most part, look out for each other. It's stunning, really.

I'm also thankful for:


Sixty-five-degree mornings and 73-degree afternoons.

Stinky puppy breath.

Stepping into the sun after being chilly in the shade.

A shorebird that lingers long enough to be photographed.


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