Sheltering in Place With Kids

Katiedid Langrock on

SOS from the front lines of Coronavirus Isolation with kids:

00:01:00 The schools have been closed. The store shelves are empty. We've been shopping. We've been preparing for this. We are fine. We are safe. We are healthy. This is just an extended vacation -- an inside, isolated staycation. I vow not to leave the house for at least a week.

00:01:20 My throat feels itchy. It's probably nothing.

00:01:21 I look up symptoms on WebMD. Death is imminent -- but not from COVID-19. Apparently, I have cancer and/or a brain tumor and/or Lyme disease and/or am having a stroke and/or am already dead.

01:15:00 The children are bored. We send them to play outside on their swing set.

01:45:00 The children are bored again. We send them to play at their friends' house.


01:45:13 I sprint down the street to stop the kids before they knock on the friends' door. I forgot about the whole isolation thing.

01:46:00 I'm out of breath. I check my temperature, convince myself I have COVID-19 and then remember my respiratory problems probably came about because I ran down the street after my kids.

03:00:00 I share a vibrant group text exchange with friends about all the free resources online for teaching school at home. I feel grateful to have so many amazing resources. I will be the best home-schooling mom ever! Feeling confident!

04:00:00 Feeling confident I will never use any of these resources. I turn on Netflix. School's out till fall.


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