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Katiedid Langrock on

"It's... bright."

This is about the closest thing to a compliment that the new shutters on my house and the new color of the front door have received.

Colorblindness runs in my family. I am not colorblind. I have what I believe to be a mild hue-blindness. The color wheel doesn't have as many options for me as it may for you. Where you see tiny squares of incremental differences, I see long rectangles of sameness. I once tried to use this fact as an excuse for my mediocre grade in a poetry class. My professor did not agree that this had any effect on my lackluster submissions -- or my growing number of class absences.

Bright has often been used to describe my adornments.

Wow, that outfit is... bright.

Wow, that computer case is... bright.


Wow, those shutters are... bright.

A few days ago, a neighbor sent out a message on our community Facebook page that she will be going around and looking at design choices of homes up close. She said she likes what a number of folks have done recently to spruce up their homes and will be on our properties simply to get ideas for her own home. When I ran into this neighbor, I warned her about some of the lumber to the side of our driveway that we are using for our fence.

"Careful not to trip," I told her.

"Oh, don't worry. I won't be coming by your house. My taste isn't so... bright."


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