Bison Babies

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"Lucas wants to marry Ellie," one mom said.

"Colton talks about marrying Sophie. Or Jade. Sometimes Ellie," said the other mom. They chuckled and then looked at me.

"Who does your boy want to marry?"

"A bison," I replied.

My son is 6. And he wants to marry a bison.

His friends are 6, too. But this seemed lost on their mothers as they stared at me.


"A bison? As in a buffalo?"

The moms were huddled along the back wall of the birthday party -- the adult version of standing, arms crossed, by the bleachers while the school dance carries on in the crowded gym. Fewer rulers are used to keep bodies a respectable 12 inches apart, but measurably, more judgment spews from the wallflowers.

"We went to Yellowstone, and he really fell in love with them," I said.

My son has had a recurring dream since our trip nearly two years ago. He and a bison are running a race. My son gets caught up in a hidden wire trap. The bison chews the wires and frees him. Then the bison picks my son a clover, and they continue the race. To my kindergartener, this is love. Being saved by someone and given a delicious token of affection (and nourishment) is as good a reason to marry as any, he says. I'm not sure I disagree.


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