That Christmas Cheer

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I wasn't even singing!

We hit traffic and roadblocks. The kids were cold. They were hot. They wanted to go home. And then they didn't. They were hungry. They were full. And when we finally looped the neighborhood streets for the billionth time and found a parking space, they demanded to know why I had parked so far away.

My cheer snapped like a candy cane.

"Because I like trudging through freezing rain. I think it's a jolly good time. Ho-ho-ho!"

They looked at me, all three of them, unsure of whether I was kidding or not.

I opened the car door.

"Now we are going to go out there and we are going to have some flipping fun. We are going to be full of flipping cheer. We'll be flipping festive. And we are all going to be exceedingly merry and bright. Do you hear me?!"

What is it about breaking Mom that puts everyone in good holiday spirits? By the time we walked past a traffic gridlock argument that was about to turn into a fistfight, the kids were practically skipping.

My son waved at the man screaming from his car and said, "Merry Christmas."

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He did not respond. I reckon that's a good thing.

We found a spot to stand by the front of the parade. The kids insisted on sitting on our shoulders as we waved to friends who were inexplicably dressed as Christmas pirates and the ghosts of snowmen presiding over the manger. An elf kicked off the parade, and my children squealed. It was a Christmas miracle.

A miracle that promptly ended when it was time to walk back to the car. The kids decided their legs had fallen asleep and they were too hot and too cold and too hungry and too full. But still, they were happy to have attended. So was I.

And in case you were wondering whether there was more than one camel dressed as a stegosaurus at the birth of Jesus...



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