The Candy Quest

Katiedid Langrock on

Then she would sign, "Eat."

The candy hander-outer would smile and say, "You already got your candy, sweetheart. We have to leave more for the other kids."

Those blasted other kids! The variable she hadn't considered. Why were there so many children out on the streets determined to ruin her night?!

She tried looking on the ground for dropped candy.

No luck.

Door after door, she engaged in the same routine. One piece of candy was never enough. There was more! She wanted more! But one by one, she was turned down and told about the need for saving some for the other kids.


As the night went on, my birthday girl became more frustrated, until she saw the perfect opportunity. She stood at the wrought-iron gates, lined with fairy lights, guarding the entrance of a white-pillared mansion. This place was a game changer, so she changed her methodology. Dressed as a Disney princess, she hoisted up her dress in the front and tiptoed up the long walk. Once arriving at the grand staircase, she spun around like a ballerina. The adults cooed and handed her a piece of candy. But when they refused to give her more, she would not have it.

She kicked over the candy bowl, threw as many pieces as she could into her bag and ran.

So maybe less of a business mastermind and more of a common criminal. Either way, now I've got a lot of yummy candy, only some of which has been on the floor.


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