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Ballet dancer: In the middle of a performance of "Swan Lake," start twerking.

Royal palace guard: Leave your post doing the Monty Python silly walk.

Gym worker: Set all scales heavy by five pounds.

IT worker: Rerecord the company voicemail. "Your call is not very important to us. Please sit on your thumb and rotate."

Comics Editor for King Features Syndicate: Replace the "different" cartoon in Slylock Fox's "Spot the Differences" puzzle with the original one.

White House chef: Serve everyone at the table two scoops of ice cream, but only one for Trump.

Webmaster for the Social Security popular-baby-name database: Create a new top 10 for girls: Mabel, Myrtle, Mildred, Muriel, Bertha, Dorcas, Gertrude, Temperance, Hortense and Edeltraut.

Worker at an STD clinic (or a plastic surgeon's office): Send a group farewell email to all your boss' clients. Include all of their names in the "To" field.

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Supermarket clerk: Relabel expiration dates on all meats and produce to "June 2015."

Wedding planner: Give DJ a list of "requests" from the bridezilla to play at the reception: "Evil Woman," "(You're) Having My Baby," "Gold Digger" and "If You Can't Be With the One You Love, Love the One You're With."

Theater spotlight operator: Keep moving the light, forcing the performers to walk, then run, to stay in it.

Thanks for the ideas: Robert Schechter, Jennifer Broadway, Claire Keeler, Rachel Manteuffel, Bruce Alter, Bruce Niedt, Neil Versel, Rob Cohen, Mike Creveling, Stephen Litterst, Kathleen Giotta Delano and Mark Mironer.


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