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WASHINGTON -- Some people are calling it the "Trump Badministration." Others -- and I am one -- have suggested this is "The Snidely Whiplash Administration," considering the collection of just-plain-wicked things it has already done: enabling the dumping of mining waste into rivers and streams; lifting legal protections for the elderly in nursing homes; trying to suspend a regulation that requires financial advisers to put consumers' best interests ahead of their own; freezing the funding of a program to help de-radicalize neo-Nazis.

I have recently come to rethink my stance. I have decided the whole Snidely Whiplash thing is unfair. There are many classic comic villains Donald Trump can also be compared to. Muhahahaha.

Snidely Whiplash:This, as you might imagine, is just too easy. While it is true that the evil archenemy of Dudley Do-Right is mostly infamous for tying damsels to the railroad track -- something Donald Trump has not done, to our knowledge -- that's just a sideline for Snidely. Mostly, he is in real estate -- a conscienceless mortgage-holder and landlord who cackles with joy at evicting the elderly, indigent and disabled from his properties. So.

Gargamel:The bete noire of "The Smurfs," this spavined old man is nice to people if he needs them but will then betray them instantly when they lose value, unceremoniously jettisoning them like a filled-up potty from a space station. So there is that. But mostly Gargamel is known for creating fanciful, contrived devices to use against his enemies, such as a Smurf Masher; a Smurf Essence Extractor; a Ghoulliope, which is a musical instrument that puts listeners in a deadly trance under which they march, zombie-like, into a boiling cauldron; and a 15-foot-high, thousand-mile-long semi-transparent wall to keep his enemies out and also let you see if they are throwing sacks of drugs over the top so you can duck before they hit you in the head. Oh, wait ...

Ernie the Giant Chicken:Ernie is Peter Griffin's prime antagonist on "Family Guy." Thin-skinned and absurdly combative, Ernie has a perpetual chip on his shoulder. His first reaction to everything is "this means war." All he wants to do is fight, the dirtier the better. When he gets hit, he hits back 10 times harder. There's something seriously wrong with this chicken.

Dr. Claw:At first, there seem to be few similarities between Trump and this archnemesis of Inspector Gadget. Dr. C is the brilliant point man for an evil syndicate called M.A.D. But the similarity is there. Some observational skills are required. Dr. Claw's most apparent feature is his right hand, which is sheathed by a spiked, articulated metal gauntlet. Look at it. Even with its thick steel coating, it appears to be a normal-size appendage. The real hand beneath it must be preternaturally small. ...

Duke Nukem:A radioactive mutant, enemy of Captain Planet, Duke plots to irradiate the world and turn it into a wasteland. Um ...

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Dick Dastardly:This heinous, mustachioed villain -- perennial nemesis of Yogi Bear and Boo-Boo -- is mostly known for cheating at sporting events through simple, often obvious, trickery. You may decide for yourself if there is any parallel to our president, who famously instructs his caddy to "improve his lie" at golf tournaments and awards himself a "gimme" for a putt as long as three feet.

Boris Badenov:Lessee, the evil schemer from "The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show" is in the employ of the Russians, and ...


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