Scoffing at Dangerfield: It's what he would have wanted

Gene Weingarten on

It was OK. I had lots more: "I joined the Optimists Club. Within a week all the others had committed suicide."

"That's not funny to me."

Next entry: "When I went trick-or-treating, neighbors didn't bother with apples, they just handed me a razor blade."

Silence. I was dying up there.

The next one: "I asked the bartender for the strongest thing he had, and he had the bouncer kick my butt."

Yes, Rodney said. His first winner. Then he made it his, and better: "I sez to the bartender, gimme the strongest t'ing you have. His bouncer beat me up!"


Next entry: "When I go to a restaurant, the waiters make me spit in my own iced tea."


"I asked Kevorkian for help. He mailed me a noose."



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