The Peter Principle: It's the Latest Thing in Urology

Gene Weingarten on

WASHINGTON -- I am on the phone with Dr. Richard Chopp, a man I have never met but whom I have admired for years in my capacity as the worlds leading curator of the aptonym. An aptonym is a name that coincidentally is descriptive of its owners occupation, or some other aspect of the persons life.

Me: May I call you Dick?

Dr. Chopp: Sure, everyone does.

Me: Please tell the reader what you do.

Dick: I am president of The Urology Team, a group of urologists in Austin, Texas.

Me: Dr. Dick Chopp, have you personally performed any vasectomies?


Dick: Only about 9,000-plus.

Me: Excellent. Now, there is another doctor in your practice, with a specialty in treating erectile dysfunction. Please tell us his name.

Dick: I think you mean Dr. Hardeman. Dr. Stephen Hardeman.

Me: Yes, thank you. Now, the reason I am calling you today is that a very alert reader in the medical field noticed you have a new urologist on your team.


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