Virgo Sun and Moon Convergence

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5. Avoid giving unwanted attention by being sensitive to and remaining matched with the intensity level of everyone's signal.

6. Learn to control the volume knob of your attention by observing, and by making and correcting mistakes.

7. When at a loss, just listen.

8. Cellphones steal attractiveness by syphoning attention away from real interaction.

9. The most attractive, winning, exciting thing to do in any moment is to invest your attention in the action on the ground. Be where you are.


10. Love is a quality of attention. And if that is all love is, it would be enough to master in a lifetime.

CELEBRITY PROFILES: Alexis Bledel, who played one half of the mother-daughter duo of the perennially popular television series "Gilmore Girls," has much in common with the teenage character Rory, who kept a watchful eye on her single mom. With her sun in Virgo, Bledel has that rare quality of looking effortlessly at ease while taking on more responsibility than even she is sure she can handle.

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