Uranus Says, 'Suit up for the Game'

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17. Are you sometimes reluctant to attend parties and other gatherings because socializing takes so much energy?

18. Do you seem to be more sensitive to pain than other people?

19. Do you have a discerning palate?

20. Do you find it extremely difficult to watch violent or frightening entertainment?

21. Have you been told that you "calm people down" or "bring a good energy"?

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22. Does your sense of smell often bring visceral memories to you?

Next we'll wrap up the quiz with a few more questions. And if you have a metaphysical question, comment or requests please ask: HolidayMathis@gmail.com.

CELEBRITY PROFILES: The world would be a much different place for the visually impaired were it not for the efforts of Louis Braille whose revolutionary form of communication changed millions of lives and continues to do so today. Braille was a determined Capricorn with his Mercury in the determined sign as well and natal Venus in altruistic, philanthropic and future-thinking Aquarius.

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