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5. Do you ever get the sense that something is just off, but you can't put your finger on it?

6. Do you notice things about people that others tend to miss?

7. Can you sense the energy of rooms?

8. When you see someone get hurt, even on TV, does it make you flinch?

9. Do the colors and lighting in your environment affect your mood more than others seem to be affected by such things?

10. Do you just know that a person is good for you or bad for you without much evidence either way?

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11. Would you say that you have a rich inner world?

12. Are you quick to "catch feelings"?

More of this Empath quiz tomorrow! And if you have a metaphysical question, ask it at: HolidayMathis@gmail.com.

CELEBRITY PROFILES: You may know that New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning has a Super Bowl ring and a MVP award, but did you know that he authored a book? Eli, brother Peyton and father Archie co-authored "Family Huddle," a children's book about a family of quarterbacks. Natal sun and Mercury in traditional Capricorn suggests big ambition and family values while Mars in Aquarius indicates sportsmanship.

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