Mercury's Hangover Cure

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CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). You may feel a little bit irritable. Do you need more excitement or less excitement to get back into the zone? Let intuition speak to you and then take action (or inaction as the case may be).

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). You're ready to admit, if only to yourself, what makes you feel secretly superior. Then you can release the belief and let compassion take its place. The more equal and connected you feel to others, the easier life will be.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). Synchronicity happens so often in your life that it's almost de rigueur by now. Nonetheless, it will be a delight to learn the one you think of is also thinking of you. You could even show up randomly at the same place.

TODAY'S BIRTHDAY (Nov. 4). You'll give your all to projects, so choose them carefully. A brilliant solo mission will end in satisfaction, money and a prize. Once you know what you can handle alone, join a team. In 2018, first safety and security will invigorate you; then travel will ignite a new passion. Capricorn and Aquarius adore you. Your lucky numbers are: 30, 2, 22, 17 and 9.

ASTROLOGICAL QUESTION: "I just switched jobs, and the new culture at work is very different from what I was used to. Before I worked with a group of women and we made decisions more or less assuming that everyone on the team was an equal. Our projects usually turned out great. Now I work with a group of mostly men who do whatever the boss says, even if it's not fair. I'm regularly given tasks that are not my expertise and that seem less integral to the thrust of the project. I'm afraid that by continuing to accept these assignments, I'll lose rank. Should I look for other work? I'm a Scorpio."

For independent Scorpio, it's important to recognize that a team effort requires a different mindset than solo work, and that there are different styles of teamwork, some of which require that you do what the leader wants, even if it's not in your job description. Focus on proving that you can bring value to your team, even if the task at hand seems beneath you. Chances are, no one is trying to insult you. You don't have to like the plan to be loyal to it. Instead of wasting energy in second-guessing, try to make it work for at least two more months. If the condition hasn't changed by then, start looking elsewhere.

CELEBRITY PROFILES: Matthew McConaughey will go from holding the universe together in "The Dark Tower" to striving to do nothing much in "Beach Bum" which films this fall. The versatile Scorpio is a master of transformation whether losing lots of pounds, as he did for "The Dallas Buyers Club" or losing layers of darkness to light up a romantic comedy. McConaughey was born when the moon and Pluto were in disciplined Virgo.

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