White to Play

Pete Tamburro on

Published in Chess Puzzles

This is a very important endgame concept exhibited here. White has to be precise in order to win.

Not remembering how a king stops three passed pawns once cost a world champion a tournament win. 1.g5 Ke6 2.gxh6 Kf6 3.Kc2! c4 4.Kc1! d3 Here are the other key moves to know--4...b3 5.Kb2; 4...c3 5.Kc2 5.Kd2 b3 6.Kc3 and Black is forced to move his king--or after he loses all his pawns—and the White pawn queens. Remember, with the three opposing pawns abreast, the defending king must be in the middle and have two empty squares between the king and the pawn. Of course, the pawns have to be on their own.


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