White to Play

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This ending is worth playing over because it teaches you had to deal with avoiding stalemating your opponent when you have a winning endgame position.

1.Kf1 1.b8Q f2+ 2.Kxf2 a2 is a well-known draw. The White king is too far away 1...a2 2.Kf2 2.b8Q f2= 2...Kb1 3.b8Q+ Kc2 4.Qe5 Kb1 5.Qe1+ Kb2 6.Qb4+ Kc2 6...Ka1 7.Ke3 f2 8.Qb5 f1Q 9.Qxf1+ Kb2 10.Qb5+ Kc2 11.Qa4+ Kb2 12.Kd3 a1Q 13.Qb4+ Ka2 14.Kc2 Qg7 15.Qa4# 7.Qa3 Kb1 8.Qb3+ Ka1 9.Ke3 f2 10.Qb5 f1Q 11.Qxf1+ Kb2 12.Qb5+ Kc2 13.Qa4+ Kb2 14.Kd3 a1N 15.Qb4+ Nb3 16.Qb5 Ka2 17.Kc3 Ka1 18.Kxb3 Kb1 19.Qf1#


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