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I hope you enjoyed the two previous ladder problems (again, courtesy of Walter Korn. Today’s ladder problem is a work of pure genius. It’s the same ladder idea with a twist. The Black king not only goes down the entire ladder, but up the ladder on a return trip. It’s a mate in 15. Enjoy the show! Or give it a try. You have a hint.

This was a composition by Henri Rinck in 1938. 1.Qb6+ Kd6 1...Kxb8 2.c7+ Bxc7 3.Qa7# 2.Qc5+ btw, the black rook is on h1 to prevent Bc5+ 2...Ke5 2...Kc7 3.d6+ Bxd6 4.Qb6+ Kxb8 5.c7+ Bxc7 6.Qa7# 3.Qd4+ Kf4 Kd6 leads into the earlier variations 4.Qe3+ Kg3 5.Qf2+ Kf4 6.g3+ Bxg3 7.Qe3+ Ke5 8.f4+ Qxf4 9.Qd4+ Kd6 10.e5+ Qxe5 11.Qc5+ Kc7 12.d6+ Qxd6 13.Qb6+ Kxb8 14.c7+ Qxc7 15.Qa7# A tour de force! Next week we’ll return to over the board chess positions. They’re easier!


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