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While reading Reti’s book of games by Golombek, I was reminded of this position that Reti commented on as not exciting him as much as a well-played game. OK, I get his point, but we patzers can still enjoy this finish!

The game was Lukomski-Pobedin, Russia, 1929. White did play the first move, but we don’t have the follow-up of the game, but here’s how it may have gone. 1.Qxg7+ Kxg7 2.Rg3+ Kh6 3.Bc1+ Qg5 4.Bxg5+ Kg7 5.Be7+ Kh6 6.Ba3 Ba6 6...Be3 7.fxe3 Bb7 8.Bc1 Rhg8 9.e4+ Kh5 10.Be2+ Kh4 11.Rh3# 7.Bc1+ Kh5 8.Be2+ Kh4 9.Bg5#


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