White to Play

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In our tricky week, this one is priceless. Two big bad rooks vs.two teeny weeny pawns who want to queen. White wins! To be nice, I’ll give you a big hint: BOTH PAWNS DO PROMOTE TO QUEENS!!

A composition by Olmutsky: 1.Ra3+ Kb4 2.Rab3+ Kc4 3.Rhc3+ Kd4 4.Rd3+ Kc4 5.Rbc3+ Kb4 6.Rc7!! b1=Q 7.Rd8!! d1=Q 8.Rb8+ Ka3 9.Ra7+ Qa4 10.Rxa4+ Kxa4 11. easily. One reason I love this problem is that with 6.Rc7 and 7.Rd8, White sets up a pattern that we teach little children how to mate with two rooks. Out of simplicity, beauty.


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