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White finds himself in trouble as Black threatens 1…f4 with a superior game; however, he finds a mating attack to subdue Black.

Schlechter-Meitner, Vienna, 1899: 1. g4+ fxg4 1... Kh4 2. Qxh6+ Kg3 3.Qxe6 Kxf3 4. Kf1 Kg3 5. Qe2 Nf4 6. Qf2+ Kxh3 7. Qf3+ Kh4 8. Bf2# 2. hxg4+ Kh4 3. Qxh6+ Qxh6 3... Kg3 4. Qxe6 as above 4. Kh2 and Black resigned as mate with the bishop can’t be stopped.


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