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Here’s another adjudication decision for you to make. Is this a win? If so, for whom? Or is it a draw?


It’s a draw!! 1.f4 Kc7! This or Kc8 are the only moves to save Black: 1...a5 2.f5 gxf5 3.h4 gxh4 4.g5 a4 5.g6 a3 6.g7 a2 7.g8Q+ and wins.; 1...gxf4 2.h4 a5 3.h5 gxh5 4.gxh5 a4 5.h6 a3 6.h7 a2 7.h8Q+ and wins. 2.fxg5 [Now that the king is in the “queening square” White can lose with 2.f5?? gxf5 3.h4 gxh4 4.g5 Kd7 5.g6 Ke7 6.g7 Kf7 and Black wins! 2...a5 3.Kg3 a4 4.Kh4 a3 5.g3 a2 and White has stalemated himself!


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