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We have a different twist today. You are being appointed adjudicator for this position that arose in a game. There’s no more time to play, so a judge, usually a master, decides if it’s a win or draw. Is it a win or draw for White, and what is your analysis supporting your judgment?


It’s a draw!! 1.h5 [1.Bh7 Kxh7 2.h5 Ne5 3.Kxe5 (3.f8Q Nd7+ 4.Kf7 Nxf8 5.Kxf8 Kh6=; 3.f8N+ Kh6 4.Kxe5 Kxh5=) 3...Kg7 4.Ke6 Kf8 5.h6 Stalemate] OR 1. Ke6 Kg7 2. h5 Nf4+ 3. Ke7 Nd5+ 4. Kd6 Nf4 5. h6+ Kf8 6. Ke5 Ng6+ 7.Kf5 Nh8 8. Kf6 Nxf7 9. h7 Nh8 10. Bd5 Nf7 11. Kg6 Ne5+ 12. Kh6 Ng4+ 13. Kg5 Kg7= with the notorious wrong square color bishop. 1...Nf8 2.Ke7 Kg7 3.h6+ 3.Kd8 Nh7 4.Bxh7 Kxf7 5.Bg6+ Kg8; 3.Ke8 Ne6 4.h6+ Kh8 and a perpetual chase with the knight that can't be taken because of stalemate. 3...Kh8 4.Ke8 Ne6 5.Kd7 Nf8+ 6.Ke7 Ng6+ 7.Ke8 Nf8 8.Kxf8 Stalemate ½–½ Oddly enough, if it were Black to move, Black would lose because there is no stalemate threat.


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